Growing in New Ways

Nov 15 2015

Growing in New Ways

Having served with SALT for 14 years, Frances retired from Chief Editor earlier this year and now works part-time with the team. When Frances joined SALT in the late 1990’s, she was strictly a curriculum editor. During her years with SALT, she also proved herself as a curriculum writer. Now in retirement, she is looking forward to growing as a trainer and helping her church develop a training ministry using SALT materials.


Gentle and meticulous, Frances fits the mold of many editors who are introverted and like to work independently. But after joining SALT, it seemed impossible to work with her door closed. Instead, she found herself in dialogue with pastors and trainers from other places in the region. Through these relationships, Frances began to deeply understand her audience and she improved as an editor.


At that time, the demand for new courses was much greater than SALT’s capacity to write. We needed a course on the Christian home set in the correct cultural context. The task was frightening, overwhelming, and way out of her comfort zone. However, in consultation with an in-country pastor and the SALT Curriculum Director, Frances rolled up her sleeves and set to work. The Christian Home was a huge success! Frances stepped out in faith and God used her in ways she never expected.


After seeing that God had equipped her for more than she originally thought, Frances began to dream that she might one day grow to be a confident teacher. God answered this dream with an opportunity to join her church on a short-term missions trip training church leaders outside of Hong Kong. Once again, she proved herself excellent, despite her fears.“Editing and writing are completely different from training. Through training others, I’ve grown in new ways.”


SALT curriculum is written with the goal of creating “whole-person” pastors who are equipped in their heads, hearts, and hands. What a joy to know that SALT staff members are also able to grow and become more equipped for ministry! Pray that we will step out in faith and grow. Pray also for Frances as she continues to journey by faith into this new role of trainer.

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