Increasing Impact

Feb 01 2016

Increasing Impact

From established churches to obscure meeting points, stone cathedrals to homes, mega cities to rural farming communities, SALT students can be found in many settings throughout Asia. They are dedicated to the Kingdom yet often desperate for resources to feed those who depend on them for spiritual growth.


Last month, a group of students from a small Bible school in East Asia were able to visit our Hong Kong office. These students are unique in their home country, being able to attend an organized Bible school. A SALT trainer has been teaching these students two courses per year as part of their regular curriculum. At first glance, these students are not SALT’s primary target group due to their advanced education. However, they minister to rural populations and can be excellent conduits of SALT materials as they transfer these courses to their lower educated church leaders and congregations. This group of students have been exposed to other traditional types of teaching and training, but most of them have chosen to teach SALT courses in their home churches in the countryside.


The students who visited Hong Kong affirmed that SALT’s unique teaching methodology, aimed at leaders with low formal education, is appropriate and needed in their home church contexts. Because SALT aims to teach in a way that is easily understood, believers in East Asia are strengthened. Because SALT aims to teach in a way that is easily re-taught to others, the church in East Asia is strengthened. We appreciate your prayers and support to strengthen us so that these tools can continue to impact a wide spectrum of Christian leaders.


Picture Caption: A SALT student looks out over his homeland as he practices the motions that help him remember the lesson outline.

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