Apr 01 2016


Brother Tan is originally from a small village in a large East Asian country. As a believer who wanted to grow in his faith and serve others, Brother Tan could not find any adequate Bible training near his home. So he moved with his wife and children to the city.

In the city, he found multiple courses open to him for learning about the Bible, and many of the courses had similar content. But Brother Tan chose to attend a SALT course because of the teaching skills that were also included with the course. Knowledge is important, but for Brother Tan, the ability to return to his home village with the skills to be an adequate teacher of the Bible was just as important. Without specific skills to teach, Brother Tan knows that he and other students are less likely to intentionally and systematically pass on what they have learned to others who are also in need of training.

Brother Tan is now a leader in a city church, and while we are glad that he found SALT, his story highlights the need for good training options outside of the city. He is joined in the SALT course by 20 other leaders from various churches, most originally from more rural areas. After three years of studying SALT’s 30 courses, they will graduate next month. Pray for Brother Tan and the other students as they discern God’s guidance for their next steps.

Pray that SALT trainings will continue to reach believers outside of the cities so that church leaders like Brother Tan do not have to uproot their families and ministries to receive adequate Bible training.

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