Reaching Out

May 01 2016

Reaching Out

What happened when the pastor of one church in Hong Kong got a burden for the church at large in Asia? He cast a vision to the leaders of his church to reach out and impact God’s Kingdom! They caught the vision, provided needed support at various levels, and partnered with us to conduct training using two SALT courses. Through this process, some of the leaders in the Hong Kong church learned how to teach using SALT methods. That was two years ago and now this pastor has turned his attention to a new area.

Seventy leaders are pastoring 26,000 believers in this particular area. Sadly many of these believers are weak in their faith. Very few of these leaders have any training. A few months ago the Hong Kong church hosted seven leaders and brought SALT in to conduct 6 days of basic discipleship training for them.

The seven leaders’ feedback about their training in Hong Kong has been very positive. They expressed how much they appreciate these training methods, techniques, and demonstrations. Comments include how easy it is to remember, digest, and grasp SALT materials. Beyond the content and teaching methods, they have understood the key components of “transferring the training” and “turning the ministry over” to others. They have already developed a plan as to how they can transfer this training and whom they will train.

Pray that God gives them wisdom and strength to pass on what they learned in Hong Kong. Over the next five years SALT will train the Hong Kong leaders who will then co-train with SALT twice a year to equip the national pastors.  

This is SALT’s passion – teaching trainers to transfer to others. “The 26,000 are so weak! They really need to grow, otherwise cults will come and sweep them away,” explains the visionary Hong Kong pastor with an urgent edge in his voice. “It’s important to partner with SALT to help these pastors feed their flocks well.”

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