Who is She?

May 15 2016

Who is She?

She insisted on being there, though her presence wasn’t wanted. An eager group of believers had gathered together to learn more about defending their faith from the growing insurgence of predatory cults. They certainly did not want a cult member joining their training. Yet there she was, claiming similar beliefs while they did nothing because they lacked sufficient Bible knowledge to prove otherwise.

One of the most common cults in the Far East strategically infiltrates church functions in an effort to entice believers to their false doctrine. This cult follower had joined in with church activities before, but things were about to change during a field test of SALT’s newly revised Guard Against & Refute Heresy course.

Initially, she was quite active in the training, showing herself to be a good student in an attempt to gain respect. But as the focus turned to the Eastern Lightning cult, she grew more and more quiet. Conversely, the other students grew more and more confident in their knowledge of how to defend their faith and how to shut down her attempts to influence believers away from the Truth.

After the lesson, students confronted the cult member together in a show of solidarity. They used their newly acquired knowledge and were able to silence the attacks against their Christian faith. The cult member was  publicly exposed and the students’ knowledge of how to defend their faith was tested and strengthened.

Pray for these believers as they continue to grow in their ability to defend their faith. Cults in this area target churches and use extreme methods including kidnapping and blackmail to bring down leaders. Churches in rural areas frequently have very little training and easily fall prey to cult influences. Pray also that the cult member at the training will believe and accept Truth in her life!

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