New Partnerships

Jun 03 2016

New Partnerships

She was in tears. It was our fault.

SALT is beginning a dynamic new partnership in the Philippines with International Care Ministries (ICM), an organization serving the ultra-poor nationwide through local churches. ICM has given SALT fifteen dedicated trainers who will train hundreds of pastors over the next two years.

Meet Enriqueta (think Henrietta), the woman in tears and one of those trainers. She’s been a Christian for only five years. Her husband died unexpectedly not long ago. Until two weeks ago, she had been administrative staff, but then she was suddenly notified that her job would now include training pastors–something totally outside her experience–and she would be attending SALT training. Four days after the notice, she was a quiet and anxious SALT trainee.

Enriqueta never opened her mouth in the whole group. She struggled with the Step motions. But like everyone else, her turn came to teach and be publicly evaluated. She reviewed the motions haltingly, with great mental concentration. It wasn’t a great start. But then she opened her mouth and began to teach. What came out was powerful, both in voice and heart. It was a beautiful demonstration of the SALT standard teaching method–first zeroing in on the Bible passage, then a brief explanation, followed by a personal application clincher. She had gotten it! The room cheered when the first evaluation comment was, That was almost perfect. And she began to cry.

Please pray for Enriqueta and the other fourteen ICM staff who are now beginning their two-year journey with SALT. Pray for SALT trainers, Nathan and Kevin, as they coach, model, and teach them. Pray that God would use this partnership with ICM to strengthen, equip, and encourage the hundreds of rural pastors and churches who will receive SALT training.

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