Bringing in the Sheaves

Aug 01 2016

Bringing in the Sheaves

Midsummer is rice planting season in Nepal. Standing on a hilltop you see the deep green valleys and steep terraced hillsides buzzing with activity. You see men and women, young and old, laboring in the muddy paddies under the unrelenting summer sun.

In one of those valleys, in a place called Sarai, is a tiny one-room church built out of mud, bamboo, and corrugated metal by the hands now laboring in the fields. At a recent worship service, those same farmers gathered in the church and sang an old American hymn, one that most American churches stopped singing decades ago. “When our weeping’s over,” they sang in Nepali, “He will bid us welcome; We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheaves.”

In that context the song makes perfect sense. When these brothers and sisters sing about “sowing in shadows” and “going forth with weeping,” it’s not just a metaphor. It’s real life. These are people who know that survival depends on hard manual labor in the fields. They know the sacrifice, persecution, and sometimes prison that comes with following Jesus. Though there may be weeping and sorrow now, the Lord promises joy in the harvest.

SALT is working to help support and equip pastors and leaders of churches like the one in Sarai. We are teaching farmers who can’t read the Bible, former Hindus and shamans who don’t yet know the basic truths of the Gospel. Please pray for these brothers and sisters. Pray that SALT training would root them more deeply in the Word and help protect them from false teaching, discouragement, or timidity in the faith. Pray that God would strengthen them in faith and courage and fill them with joy. Pray that their knowledge and understanding of God’s Word will grow deeper and bear much fruit.

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