God’s Working Shop

Sep 07 2016

God’s Working Shop

“That was a real work of God!” said one of our long-term national trainers after hearing an older co-worker teach a trial lesson in front of all of their colleagues. In the 20 years we’ve been training leaders across the nation, this week ranks very high as a true “work of God.”  Since the beginning of this year we have been working very hard to introduce and infuse new, more effective teaching skills into the hearts and minds of these seasoned workers.

They are passionate and motivated but far more used to preaching than interactive teaching. The oldest in the group preaches over 20 times a month, so changing from ingrained preaching habits with rabbit trails and prolonged sermons borders on the impossible – especially when the habits are 30 years old! But what he lacks in skill to train in creative ways, he makes up for in Christ-like character.

For the oldest, most experienced co-worker to be so strongly criticized for bad habits demands a humble, teachable heart. And that is exactly what he showed, along with a well prepared, deftly delivered lesson that ended on time and on topic! After he closed in prayer, warm applause filled the room. Then his longstanding comrade-in-arms said with a tone of awe, “Now THAT was a work of God.”  If the oldest can change, there is no excuse left for the others. Is it any wonder we have renamed this momentous workshop “God’s Working Shop”?

Old dogs ARE learning new tricks. His example mirrors the successful change that took place in the others. They have seen how using new ways to prepare and investing more time in the process really pays off. Pray that they will not forget this feeling of accomplishment as they strive to change old habits. Pray for discipline, consistency, and anointing in this new endeavor. And rejoice with us that God IS working!

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