20th Anniversary Banquet

Dec 02 2016

20th Anniversary Banquet


The theme for our evening of celebration was “Quenching a Spiritually Thirsty World Together.”



We were thankful for the 150 guests that joined us to celebrate God’s faithfulness these past 20 years.



Thoughout the evening, we heard from many SALT staff and trainers, both in person and on video.



We gave out buckets to all our guests! The bucket represents the methodologies that we use to bring the content of the teaching to church leaders in usable form. Good buckets help trainers help others.

A note on the 20th Anniversary from the Chairman of the Board of Directors:

Life in East Asia has gone through many changes in the past 20 years. Twenty years ago, it was the early days of economic reform. State-owned enterprises began to disintegrate into ‘smaller’ firms, and private enterprises started to emerge. In major cities, churches were reopened under the guidance of government committees. However, in the country-side, things have not changed so fast. The believers were deprived of Biblical knowledge for so many years. Most often, they live and witness by their simple faith. This is when we were able to serve believers who were in great need of understanding more of the Bible. With a unique training method we were dedicated to help them become a ‘workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the word of truth’ (II Tim 2:15). We thank the Lord that we have been widely accepted by these brothers and sisters.

We are now seeing economic success in this region. We also witness villages becoming towns, farmland turning into residential flats, and a huge migration of country-side people moving to cities. The external environment is also fluctuating. There were good days when the government was more relaxed in religious policies, and days with a harder stance on religious freedom. Despite these changes, the hunger for truth and the Word of God is still there. We, nevertheless, have to think about how we can help them to learn the Word of God more effectively, and how to be a Christian in a more pluralistic and challenging environment.

The Lord has also paved the way for us to reach believers in other countries, who share similar background with those we have been serving. It is now certain that our unique training method also fits them well. While the world is taking advantage of the development of information technology, such as virtual and augmented reality, we are still adopting face-to-face reality training! There are special groups of believers we are serving who may have been neglected by a lot of people.

We thank the Lord that He has begun the work some twenty years ago, and He still blesses us at the present. We pray that He will continue to use us to serve Him in the future. Your partnership in this is also warmly welcome.

CM Lau

Chairman of the Board

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