Feb 08 2017


They left the church, then returned.

A few years ago, churches throughout a region of East Asia were targeted by cult members. Since these churches were not equipped with adequate Bible knowledge, almost half of the believers, many of them young people, left the church.

Those who remained were left questioning, helpless, and hopeless.

Last Spring, SALT was invited to train in one of the areas heavily impacted by cult influence. During one of the lessons, an active cult follower joined the class and was disruptive. The students were able to immediately apply what they were learning and refuted the false doctrine. Church leaders confirmed that the course was useful to understand Biblical Truth and identify cults.

But despite its usefulness, course attendance was low. SALT trainers were forced to evaluate whether continuing to train in this area was strategic. However, one trainer encouraged the others not to give up and his faith was rewarded as attendance at a recent training was over 50 strong, more than double past attendance!

Why this rise in interest and attendance? Church leaders explained that the previous class of students had passed the training to others. The training reached many who had previously left the church to join a cult. The Truth took root in their hearts and they recommitted their lives to the Lord!

Praise God for the faithfulness of the few students to teach others!
Praise God for the lives that turned from falsehood back to Truth!
Praise God for a new, larger group of trainees who will learn and teach others!

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