The Joy of Multiplication

Mar 08 2017

The Joy of Multiplication

Multiplication is a great idea that is incredibly hard to put into practice. It typically involves SALT trainers teaching at a new site, their students grasping the material with vision to pass it on to others, and then their students doing the same thing, allowing a small group to affect hundreds of leaders and thousands of believers.

In our recent work in the Philippines, 2 SALT trainers have been working with 14 local trainers. Those trainers have taught the first SALT course to more than 600 pastors throughout the past year. They have done so in small group settings using language, context, and applications that make perfect sense to rural pastors in the area. After one year, these Filipino trainers are quickly transitioning from tentative users to confident and powerful practitioners who are far more effective in their situation than an outsider could ever be.

This multiplication happens through a disciplined approach to teaching. We demonstrate a process that people can feel confident replicating and present materials that are custom designed to be grasped, internalized, and passed on.

In the picture, you can see 5 generations of SALT training. Nathan and Kevin represent generation 1. They taught Pastor Rey and Pastor Ariel, part of the 14 local trainers, who represent generation 2. Everyone else in the picture are part of the 100+ taught by Pastor Rey or Pastor Ariel, representing generation 3. The man in the front row with the blue shirt is Pastor Jonathan. He teaches Biblical history at a small Bible school near General Santos City. He has incorporated his notes and SALT methods together to teach his students. Twelve of his students (generation 4) are pastors and they have taught SALT steps to their congregations (generation 5).

We seldom get to trace SALT teaching past generation 3, but what an encouragement to hear of how God is working far and beyond our involvement!

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