Commitment to Change

May 05 2017

Commitment to Change

For the past 2 years, we have held a series of workshops designed to upgrade the teaching skills of our national trainers whose experience is deeply ingrained, both the positive and the negative. We shared an update here, but mostly we have been asking you to pray for this challenging process.

And we ask that you continue to pray!

We have moved on from the workshops to a year-long pilot program that will both evaluate our overhaul in teaching as well as break new ground in our approach. We started in March with a class of 10 students. This pilot program consists of students learning a course and then co-teaching the same course with our trainers before they learn the next course.

Sister Liu is one of the students in the pilot program. She has attended other SALT trainings in the past, but found that this training was different. “I can remember more because of the new teaching method,” she encouraged us. She will go with our trainers to co-teach later this month and is looking forward to the opportunity to learn more through this mentorship process.

Pray for commitment and perseverance from our national trainers to make the necessary changes for more effective teaching. Pray for Sister Liu and the other students as they learn new material and teach it to others. Pray for SALT leadership to have wisdom and be encouraged during this difficult process of enacting change.

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