Light Shines

Jun 06 2017

Light Shines

Last month, we shared about the pilot program that started in March to evaluate the progress of our national trainers. First, several of our national trainers taught a group of students. Then they acted as coaches while their students taught new students. Based on the teaching performance of the students, we feel encouraged that our national trainers are now more effective in increasing their students’ focus on proper preparation.

One student brought a light bulb to use as an illustration during his teaching. He explained that the light bulb will only be just a bulb without electricity. In the same way, we need to be connected to God in order to allow light to shine.

This is a multi-year focus to increase the teaching skills of our national trainers and then evaluate their effectiveness by observing their students. There is still room to grow, but we are encouraged by these stories of improvement and progress. Pray for commitment and perseverance from our national trainers to make the necessary changes for more effective teaching. Pray for SALT leadership to have wisdom and insight during this process.

Pray that pastors across Asia will receive the training needed to shepherd growing flocks of believers!

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