All Things Hold Together

Jul 03 2017

All Things Hold Together

Change happens! It is a constant reality that everyone must face at one point or another. How comforting it is to know that God is constantly working through change, holding everything together, and bringing about His purposes and plans.

In June, we said farewell to one of our team members. Emily served with SALT for 3 years, but now God has led her to a new place of service. Emily played a valuable role in our team, acting as a bridge between local staff and national trainers, coordinating meetings and communication, and considering important issues of security. We will miss her joyful smile and hardworking spirit, but we are grateful for her devotion to God during her time with SALT. Please pray for Emily as she continues to serve God in a new area of ministry.

Please also pray for SALT as we enter a time of personnel transition. Some staff are looking towards retirement after more than 20 years of service with SALT and others may be relocating to better serve the church throughout Asia. Yet, despite these changes we rest confident in a sovereign God who knows the changes we face and yet maintains His purposes for the church in Asia. Pray for grace and wisdom as SALT continues to assist the church in Asia by equipping leaders to train others.

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