Aug 03 2017


This past month, we had the joy of partnering with Hong Kong believers who are serving in various places around Asia. A small group came to the SALT office to learn from one of our experienced trainers. They received training in our Old Testament 100 Steps course and were very excited about the potential to use it in their travels.

“When I later go to Nepal, I will use this OT 100 course to teach the church leaders and ordinary believers there,” said Ming, a nurse serving in Nepal.

Cammy, a teacher, remarked “the course is suitable to different age groups and students with different education levels.”

“I hope to invite more people to participate in the New Testament 100 Steps course,” said Pauline, who plans to use the courses on short-term trips as well as in her home church.

We are grateful to play a role in the efforts made by other organizations to shepherd pastors throughout Asia. This group plans to return later this month to learn the New Testament 100 Steps. Praise God that SALT’s impact can reach beyond our ability to directly connect with leaders in need.

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