Working in the Fields

Oct 03 2017

Working in the Fields

In September, we taught the second of three parts of our New Testament course to staff of International Care Ministries who will be teaching hundreds of pastors in ultra-poor churches throughout the southern Philippines. These men and women did an excellent job of not only grasping each piece of the Bible but also combining them into a holistic compelling story of God’s love and grace.

I was privileged to meet Pastor Edgar Bendez, a pastor who is receiving SALT training from these ICM trainers. Eight years ago, Pastor Bendez planted a church in Malandag, a small community of 200 families outside of General Santos City. His church of 60 meets in a bamboo structure every Sunday morning. During the week, he supports his family of 7 by working alongside his congregation in the fields, harvesting crops or making charcoal by hand.

Pastor Bendez has used SALT training in his church and has also started a SALT academy for other leaders in the area. Every day is a day of faith and requires dependence on God. Pray for this Pastor and the many others like him across Southeast Asia who are working faithfully in the fields in both a figurative and very literal sense.

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