Stories from Students

Nov 03 2017

Stories from Students

We had the privilege of interviewing church leaders from Vietnam who received SALT training. The interviewer asked many questions, but especially wanted to know what impact SALT had on the lives of believers in rural village churches. To put it simply: Is the church better off because of SALT?  

This question was posed to our students, our students’ students, and even some of our students’ students’ students! Rejoice with us as you read these encouraging stories that are a result of your partnership through prayer and resources!

Stories from our Students 

“After learning each Old Testament step, I can understand it well and know the implications that apply to my own life. I can also teach it to others. I saw many lives in my congregation changed. They love God more and come back to the group meeting.”

“There are a lot of people who do not know the reason that they believe in God. They just follow the religion because they follow others. Now they have learned the Basic Doctrine course and they see clearly that God loves them and died for them. They bowed down and prayed to receive Jesus Christ to be their Savior through my teaching about God’s Word. I baptized them and God changed their lives to share that Good News with others!”

Stories from our Students’ Students 

“Young people at church, they are not faithful to worship God at the church. They are lazy to read the Bible. But after learning SALT courses, they were changed. They worshiped God faithfully at church and became patient to read Scriptures to test what is right or wrong.”

“SALT has been very helpful to me. I was not confident to serve God in the men’s ministry. After learning this course, I know about the example of the apostle Paul who serves God. I began to serve God and became the leader of men’s ministry. I taught SALT to men, women, and youth at church. God used my teaching to help them know God and love God more.”

Stories from our Students’ Students’ Students 

“I am a teacher who teaches small children. Before the training, I did not have a good understanding of God’s Word, thus I did not know how to teach it to children. As a result, the children did not understand how to follow God’s Word. After the SALT training, I gained a better understanding of God’s Word. I love God and the children more. I now know clearly my path is to serve God and grow in faith.”

“This SALT course has been very useful for me. Before the training, I did not have any insight into God’s Word, thus I did not know how to teach others in the church. After learning the OT and NT 100 Steps, I can understand God’s Word better and can also remember the events of Scripture. When I deliver sermons to the church, I sometimes use movements from the SALT training, which have been very effective in helping the congregation to remember the Bible. I have gained confidence in teaching!”

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