Happy New Year!

Jan 05 2018

Happy New Year!

The year 2018 will bring many changes at SALT, with staff relocations and new government regulations, but we trust that God will continue to lead and guide our continued mission to assist the church in Asia by equipping leaders to train others.

More than 50 students recently attended a training of the newly revised course Resolving Spiritual Conflicts. Praise God for positive feedback, which brings encouragement in this new year!

Student A:
The content of this course meets my needs and clarifies some of my questions. I now have a more thorough understanding of God’s attributes, works, and omnipotence. I learned the importance of forgiveness in church. In my personal reflection, I ask myself to exhort and encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Student B:
Since becoming a Christian, I was told that I should always be ready for spiritual warfare. But in reality, I never took this advice seriously. I must admit that my spiritual life is not in very good shape. I want to rise up, but I do not know how. Sometimes I am confused, feeling anxious and helpless. This course gave me a glimmer of light to walk out from the darkness!

Student C:
This course has been very beneficial. I see my limitations and inadequacies more clearly. My service in church is almost non-stop with long working hours every day. As a result, I am exhausted and do not have time to pray. I am not serving God, I am only working like ordinary people. The lessons in this course have inspired me to pursue relationship with God. I must learn to reduce some of my duties in order to have more time for intimacy with Him. Pray that I will read the Bible more, be more alert to spiritual things, and understand God more fully.

Pray for our students as they continue their journey to know God more fully and to make Him more fully known to others!

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