Course Revisions

Mar 06 2018

Course Revisions

One of SALT’s core ministries is to create training courses. Since 1997, we have created around 30 courses. Some are practical courses like Practical Church Management. Some relate to expository preaching like Bible Study Methods and Homiletics. Others are survey studies of Bible books.

We are now shifting our focus to revising some of our older courses like Old Testament 3 (history books) and Guard Against & Refute Heresy (refuting cults). Both of them have been a big help to churches in answering questions arising from rapid changes in their environment. Our team is also assisting an associate trainer in developing their course on the use of training skills called Teaching Skills Treasury 1 & 2.

The two full-time staff in our curriculum department are now working hard to revise two other courses: Church Foundations 1 and 2 and Bible Study Methods. Course revisions are by no means simple and can be more complicated than creating a new course. With this heavy workload looming large, we thank God for our retired trainer, David, who is helping revise Bible Study Methods 1&2. It is our hope that both books will be finished by the end of 2018.

Please pray for wisdom and strength for our curriculum team as they are not only shorthanded, they are occasionally called upon to train as well.  Pray that He will lighten their burden.

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