Changed by God’s Word

Apr 05 2018

Changed by God’s Word

An encouraging experience from one of our trainers…

We always pray that God will use His Word in our teaching to change people. When this happens, it is by His grace. I saw a touching example of this from the church leaders in a training last month. We were teaching our Bible Study Methods course and each exercise concludes with the most probing question: “How will my discoveries in this passage change me?” One morning, after the study of Jesus cleansing the temple, personal testimonies were shared. A seasoned Bible teacher rose in front of the 50 students.

Pointing across the room, he said, “My co-worker and I are different in many ways. We are iron sharpening iron. I get upset at him sometimes, even blow up occasionally. After studying this passage, I see that Jesus got upset but was always in control of his emotions. God told me I need to get a grip on this. So here, in front of all of these students, I apologize for blowing up and hurting you. I hope you will forgive me.”

The stunned co-worker waved and nodded, signaling his forgiveness. It was a sight to behold. God, through his Word, changes hearts. What a gratifying adventure to partner with God in these opportunities! To God be the glory!


(Photo credit: IMB)

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