What happens when…

May 09 2018

What happens when…

…a training project is completed?

A training project that included:
2 years
2 courses
200 memorized phrases and motions
8 trips
15 full time teachers and
500+ pastors of ultra-poor congregations

In the Philippines, more than anywhere else, you celebrate! This week will be a week of celebration to commemorate a period of partnership with International Care Ministries in the Philippines.

SALT has been coaching ICM staff to teach the core story of the Bible to equip pastors to better teach their congregations. While there has been over 150 hours of teaching time involved, we have also been able to share in life with our students including marriages, births, office reorganizations, basketball games, surveys and data collection, trips to see caves and tangiers, and boodle fights (look it up!).

Relationships have been formed and lives have been shared, resulting in wonderful worship, fellowship, and times of meaningful prayer. The backdrop to all of this has been the exploration of God’s great narrative at work in the world, from the beginning to the present time.

We look forward to joining with ICM staff and hundreds of pastors to celebrate what God has done in history and what He is doing right now in the ministry of these dear brothers and sisters. Celebrate with us! God continues to do great things!

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