Reflections on New Opportunities

Jun 01 2018

Reflections on New Opportunities

Our Curriculum Team member, Music, recently had his first opportunity to teach a SALT course. This has widened his scope of ministry as he explores future roles of service with the SALT team. He was deeply moved by the students’ commitment to learn, regardless of age or limited education. Below are some of his reflections:

This was my first time to teach one of our courses. It was an amazing and eye-opening experience. The host church had everything so well organized that we could completely focus on our training.

I was most impressed by the attitude of the students. Even though they are low-educated lay pastors, their motivation to learn is extra-ordinarily strong.

Sixty-five year old Brother Chan repeatedly mentioned that he was certain of God’s calling and therefore he joined this training. Sister Wang, also in her sixties, seized every opportunity to learn, and at every recess she asked one trainer to teach her the 100 steps of our New Testament survey. Two students took a 9-hour train ride to come. Though I was their teacher, their desire to study God’s Word is far beyond mine!

Sixty-two year old Brother Lee apologized to us at the end of the training for being so limited by his education level. He said, “I can’t completely understand all I heard this week, but I promise you I will study hard when I get home!” When I shared this story with my wife, I burst into tears.

Thinking of these dear students, I told myself that I need to keep on equipping myself so that I can transfer the truth more clearly to them. Please continue to pray for us.

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