Navigate, Plan, Construct

Sep 07 2018

Navigate, Plan, Construct

As we are navigating transitions in the team and planning new strategies, a pleasant surprise appeared on our radar screen.

Emily, a former colleague, contacted us last month with unexpected news. While chatting with one of her pastors, she learned that the church will be teaching OT 100 next quarter. The pastor said they had been looking for us for years, but to no avail. They had decided to teach OT 100 without a SALT trainer. Imagine the pastor’s surprise when Emily told him she had worked for the very team that wrote the course and would be glad to teach it for them!

Days later, another team member was talking to an old friend who served on the leadership team of another mission organization. She heard a similar story: “We want to use these courses but can’t find the originators to train us how best to use them!”

Why is it so hard to find us? Many of the Chinese churches in East Asia that we serve are in security sensitive regions, so we keep a very low profile to ensure the ministry continues uninterrupted.

Despite living in the online digital age, we only have an English website but no similar Chinese platform to broadly promote our vision and courses. We only send this monthly email and the quarterly SALT Update to those who already know us. If not for God’s wisdom, protection, and direction, you would not be hearing from us at all.

Emily and Toppy’s stories reveal an untapped market in our own backyard! Is God leading us to more actively work with local churches and organizations to serve Chinese churches in the region? We are grateful for these new open doors! Pray that we will seize the day and seize the doors!

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