Pushing Ahead

Dec 04 2018

Pushing Ahead

The Chinese churches in East Asia are facing new challenges. Systematic training is becoming more and more difficult. In the past two months, we have also experienced disturbances at some training sites during teaching sessions. Yet even under these challenging circumstances, SALT’s training ministries continue to move forward.

Two SALT trainers recently taught our 1 Corinthians course to a new group of Chinese church leaders as a trial training event. At the end of the class, the top leader of that region not only confirmed he wanted SALT to launch a 3-year program for their missionaries, he also asked us to begin a second training program for their local pastors.

He wrote, “During the 3-day training, God used the issues faced by the Corinthian church to enlighten us about the current situation in our own churches. We were moved by Paul’s wisdom and loyalty. This has been such a help to us. Now we look forward to the next time you can come to teach the pastors in our whole city.”

To our surprise and in spite of this changing environment, we are experiencing an increasing demand for SALT training. We need wisdom to know which invitations to accept and how to allocate our limited resources.

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