A New Chapter for Cary

Jan 09 2019

A New Chapter for Cary

Life is a book being written every day. As I have gotten older, I have realized that there are not just phrases in the writ of my life. There are sentences, with a full stop. There are paragraphs and sections and chapters. And for me, there is a chapter in my life called “SALT,” and what a chapter it has been! How God has used SALT in my life in these 22 years! What stories, lessons and progressions that fill this incredible section of my life! What amazing things God has done in me through this wonderful team! What great things we have seen God do!

SALT has been my team. It has been my vehicle, my mountain, my school, and my home. It has been the expression of my heart and the gymnasium where God has exercised and stretched my soul. And now it is my launching pad.

My next chapter will be, no doubt, quite different. But I see my next chapter as progression, not divergence. The heart engine that has propelled me in training limited educated church leaders in four Asian countries is the same engine that is powering me today. I have come to see an unprecedented opportunity to equip and unleash a veritable army of dedicated and profoundly prepped workers that can penetrate areas and enter worlds I could never go. They can represent Christ to the marginalized and oppressed in a way I could never do. I want to give them what they need.

I feel that the team at SALT has some exciting chapters before them as well. Things are changing quickly. Trying to be nimble in the midst of this rapid change is always a challenge. Yet SALT is changing. SALT is adapting. New strongholds to storm. New territory to claim. New paths to travel. And you can continue to be a significant part of it all.

It is my prayer that at the beginning of 2019 you will renew your own commitment to be a part of this new exciting chapter for SALT.

By Cary Clifton
Dec 2018

(Cary Clifton is one of the SALT co-founders. He wrapped up the “SALT Chapter” of his life at the end of 2018. In 2019, Cary has moved on to a new ministry with MAP Global. If you are interested in the Cliftons’ new chapter, feel free to write Cary at

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