Uphold the Line

Feb 11 2019

Uphold the Line

2018 was a volatile year with increasingly strict limitations put on some of our activities. Other organizations have felt the pinch as well. Thank God that SALT training continues to develop and in spite of these limitations, we have actually INCREASED the number of training events. However, this increase is creating some challenges. Our teaching manpower is being stretched along with maintaining teaching quality in the classroom.

In late January, the HK leadership team gathered to review SALT’s impact over the past year and to explore the future direction of the ministry. They confirmed SALT’s Purpose Statement: “To assist the church in Asia by equipping leaders to train others,” still addresses an urgent need. This Purpose Statement highlights the importance of transference – teachers teaching others to teach well.

To achieve this purpose, three things stand out. We need to provide church leaders with:

  • high quality materials
  • high quality teachers
  • high quality methods

As transference remains a core value of SALT training, an effective teaching methodology is essential. Good teaching methods help students learn faster and more readily absorb the material being taught. This means SALT is committed to strengthening our trainers’ skills in order to provide high quality teaching for leaders. Please pray for us!

While expansion is good, we don’t want it to be at the expense of quality. This year we hope to put in place a more sustainable and measurable system to assess each training event. As a result, when we see our training efforts are not up to standard, corrective steps can be implemented.

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