New Program Launched

Mar 07 2019

New Program Launched

The long Spring Festival holiday has ended and SALT’s trainings are gearing up once again in the Far East. Late last year we began testing the waters for implementing a new 3-year certificate program for networks of churches. We received a very enthusiastic response. Last month our national team leaders met to confirm this new strategy and to finalize the details of the program. All partner churches will be required to enroll students/church leaders who have the passion and potential to earn the SALT Teaching Certificate. We will also offer two lesser certificates with lower requirements for participants.

We never tire of asking the question, Why do we still focus on training teachers? The answer remains the same, with no less urgency than when God called us to this 26 years ago: Church leaders throughout the nation, in both rural and urban areas, still desperately need systematic, intentional, biblical training. This 3-Year Teaching Certificate program, studying 9 subjects/courses, is custom designed to target this need.

In our new working environment, strong resistance is also part of the package.  Many ministries drastically reduced or totally shut down their activities. Foreign staff members had visas cancelled. Long-term NGOs have been abruptly shut down. In such a tense atmosphere it is all the more important to launch this strategic training. We see God’s hand so clearly in all of this! How so? Despite the inclement “weather,” requests for SALT training keep coming in! What an expression of authentic interest and desire to study and teach the Word of God. Yet His word remains unshackled! (See 2 Timothy 2:9)

Your on-going prayer support for this project means so much to us!

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