100 Steps

May 01 2019

100 Steps

Here in Hong Kong God is opening doors for us to contribute to local church spiritual growth programs. In the coming months our staff will be teaching more classes in local HK churches.  In some instances, we discover people who have taken our courses before. When this happens, it’s a dream come true. The dream? To teach others to teach. Take Debbie for example. Because Debbie took Old Testament 100 Steps a few years ago, she will join us as a helper in the upcoming class. She says this about her experience:

Although we are familiar with the Old Testament and know some of the stories, some sections are not easy to grasp. To be honest, much of it can be boring. But SALT’s unique way of teaching changes all of that. The course’s outline is based on 100 steps, with nearly every step featuring a story in OT history. The first 11 steps are locations on the OT map, such as Sea of Galilee, Jordan river, Dead Sea, etc. (By using the floor space in the classroom, we imagine and transform the classroom into a map.) The rest of the steps? As we literally walk to and stand at each place, we learn stories and life lessons from God’s people, the Jews who were actually there. The Old Testament is no longer boring when studying it like this. Before we would get confused by “the when and the where” of OT events, but, these steps keep us on track!

Pray that we will continue to have an impact on people like Debbie and that through their growth, God would ground His churches more deeply in the truth.

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