No Place for Slackers!

Jun 03 2019

No Place for Slackers!

Good students come from rigorous teachers – a Chinese proverb 

Here is a glimpse of what “rigorous” SALT training looks like. Joseph, one of our senior teachers, maintains a very high standard for his students, expecting to see real change in students’ lives and teaching methods after each course. He recently finished teaching the SALT course on 1 Corinthians and will follow up with these students at the next teaching in July.

As a follow up to the 3 full days of training, Joseph sent the following message to the class monitor:

  • All testimonies must be prepared before May 31st. Those who cannot comply will be automatically dropped.
  • All students must hand in their homework before the end of June. This includes a report on their reading and a live recording of their classroom teaching.
  • If they fail to hand in assignments on time, there is no need to come to the next training.
  • If half of the class fails to meet the deadline, the next class will be cancelled.
  • If you, as the monitor cannot hand in your assignments on time, you can no longer attend the class.

Prior to the upcoming class in July, Joseph is keeping the bar high by requiring them to read 1 Corinthians 20 times before he arrives. They will have a quiz.

If you were the monitor, how would you react? It’s already been very obvious she is a responsible person. She not only monitors all classmates’ performance, she also takes the initiative to help the others. Here’s one of her messages: ‘Hi all, if you don’t know how to use the computer, just send me your assignments in writing. Please tell me if you’ve read this message.”

Despite his strictness, Joseph has been impressed with the monitor and has thanked her for her hard work. She responded, “Dear teacher, it’s my pleasure to serve my classmates. It’s my honor if I can help them improve. I sincerely hope to learn more from you so that I can also keep improving.”

Some people regard “doing homework” and “preparing lessons” as a hardship. Others think some teachers are too demanding. In this case, however, as they study under such a demanding teacher, the monitor and her classmates choose to work and study hard to meet the high standard set by the teacher. A Chinese idiom is appropriate to describe this: “Good students come from rigorous teachers.”

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