Wonderful Students

Jul 03 2019

Wonderful Students

Ringo has been part of our curriculum team for more than 10 years. Rarely does our curriculum staff serve as a trainer. Volunteering to co-teach a SALT course was a big challenge and risk for him.

  • He would have to teach in a second language. Would the students understand him?
  • As an editor, he had not worked on this material. It was all new to him as no one had taught it to him before. It would require a LOT of preparation.
  • He had never been to this training site. All the students would be new to him.

Much to Ringo’s delight, it turned out to be a wonderful experience. The students, who were themselves lay pastors, not only loved the material, their enthusiasm impressed and motivated Ringo to return to teach them again.

As part of the learning experience for students, we are convinced that purposeful activity or movement significantly facilitates a student’s recall of the teaching content. Different kinds of motions are used as a teaching tool in many SALT courses.

Ringo’s students embraced the idea that motions enhance their ability to recall memory hooks. We create memory hooks as an encapsulation or summary outline of each lesson. To Ringo’s delight, on the few occasions where a lesson did not have a memory hook, the students decided to created their own motions after the class. They were not satisfied with simply listening to someone teaching them. They really wanted to learn God’s word and remember what they had learned.

In a previous SALT course, one of the lessons included a simple gesture indicating the “10 plagues.” As they reviewed this material, one sister offered to show the class how she could remember each of the 10 plagues in order, by referring to different parts of her body. It was creative, but also very effective. Even more than this, it showed Ringo that these students had embraced SALT’s teaching methods and were coming up with their own teaching tools.

Ringo commented, “These students were very eager to learn. As I watched them working together and listened to them, it became obvious to me they have a simple and pure heart towards the Lord. They respected all the teachers, even me. I was really honored to have the opportunity to teach them and I was also very encouraged by them.” He plans to go back and teach again!

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