God is our Strength and Salvation

Aug 11 2019

God is our Strength and Salvation

Increasingly harsh and unpredictable weather conditions have become the norm in 2019. Again and again local weather storms have flared up interrupting our national team efforts. Thankfully there have been no injuries. Constant vigilance is now the norm. In about a half dozen different regions, we have had to shut down scheduled training and wait until the storm passes before starting up again.

A few months ago, a new joint-venture site, which had adopted our new 3-year certificate program, was suddenly shut down. This was so disappointing because the potential at this location is enormous.

We could do nothing other than pray . . . praying that the weather would break so training could resume.

Then God answered our prayers! Two weeks ago, the sky suddenly cleared in that area and SALT training started up again. But that’s not all. The results of the initial training were exceptionally good – far better than anyone’s expectation. Although the storm affected our staff’s efforts, it did not affect the students:

  1. All students* turned in the required book report homework. The standard of their reports was clearly higher than expected – an encouraging sign!
  2. Students were required to teach the SALT course they had learned, and prove they taught it by handing in either an audio (MP3) or video recording of them teaching. They all completed it.
  3. 100% attendance was recorded, reflecting the eagerness of the students to learn. In fact, the SALT trainers reported the response and atmosphere in class was extremely positive.  

* By “student,” we are referring to active young church leaders registered for SALT training.

Last week, at a different training site, we were suddenly forced to suspend classes due to bad weather. Once again, we can only pray this will be a temporary suspension.

The weather is beyond our control. And as it continues to deteriorate across the nation, the risk to teach under these conditions gets higher and higher. Yet, by God’s grace and protection, SALT’s ministry continues to develop. Pray with us that the Lord will lead our team and protect us!


Special Note
Rev. Steve (and Juniata) Wible are officially retired as of August 1. This past year they have resettled in Florida. Steve is one of SALT’s co-founders. We will dearly miss his enthusiasm and pastoral care. Please keep them in prayer as they enter this new season of life and service. Let us know if you want/need their contact info. 
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