Stepping Up

Oct 04 2019

Stepping Up

When Joseph stepped into the leadership role in January 2018, he and the team were facing two immediate problems:

*The “weather” across the country would soon turn bad. How much would this hinder communication, travel and personal safety? 

 *Our training resources were stretched. There were not enough trainers to respond to all the training requests. We had a bottleneck problem.

No one doubted Joseph’s loyalty and dedication. For years he managed our printing, warehouse and distribution efforts at great personal risk. But leading people is dramatically different than managing a warehouse! While we liked his strengths, we wondered about the effect of his weaknesses. Would his leadership be a step forward?

He had a reputation for being impatient. Would he listen to others carefully and be willing to accept others’ opinions? Would his stubbornness shut down helpful feedback? Now, nearly 2 years later, impatience and stubbornness are non-issues. He has changed a lot.

More than once someone from our Hong Kong office has pulled Joseph aside to offer guidance and even correction. Each time he has responded with grace and humility. Among his peers, he doesn’t just listen to different ideas, he incorporates them into plans for a team decision.

In the early months of his leadership, Joseph and his young team were ambitious about increasing growth. Like so many of his national peers, this was a classic default to chase quantity rather than quality. That has all changed now. Joseph is leading the charge in championing quality in our team training efforts. He has introduced several new ideas to improve our current evaluation system. His aim is not only to raise the standard of the students, but to also improve our teaching quality.

In August he proposed an annual scheme to assess the performance of SALT’s training team. The aim is not to be picky, but to further improve SALT’s training quality in order to serve God better. By God’s grace, Joseph and his team are painting an exciting picture of how God can use the SALT ministry in the future.

Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm.  NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR YOU. ~ Jeremiah 32:17

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