Training for the Future in Nepal

Dec 02 2019

Training for the Future in Nepal

Imagine a chaotic maze of muddy, trash-strewn streets and air so thick with dust and vehicle exhaust it almost hurts to breathe. Imagine maroon-clad monks and backpack-toting foreigners making a slow circuit around Asia’s largest Buddhist stupa, all searching for spiritual insight. Imagine thick black smoke rising from bodies burning in open cremation on the banks of the Bagmati River. This is the Kathmandu that most people see. But there is another, less obvious side: the strong presence of the Nepali church, its rapid growth despite persecution, and the need for leaders deeply rooted in God’s Word.

Our CoreStory team spent a week in Kathmandu this November teaching the Great Story of Salvation (the New Testament) to forty leaders. Among them were pastors and youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and women’s ministry leaders. Most of them were fairly young. We have observed again and again that younger adults embrace our unique method of motions and phrases without the qualms or embarrassment that older, more senior leaders often display. While these younger leaders typically have less influence than those in authority above them, they are the future of the church. We see our role as helping to build for the future of a growing church in much need of biblically-grounded leadership.

Twenty people stayed for an extra day of teacher training and certification. Our message to them was clear: “Your churches don’t need foreigners to come and teach. You are the best-qualified to root your churches in God’s Word. Now go and teach.” Their eagerness to return to their communities and pass on what they had learned was evident in the pride on their faces as they solemnly received their teaching certificates. This is the Great Commission at work! Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples by teaching them, and those disciples then go on to teach others. As a result, the Church grows in knowledge, depth, and faithfulness.

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