A Milestone to Celebrate

Feb 05 2020

A Milestone to Celebrate

At the start of this Chinese New Year, rejoice with us over the completed first year of our Three-Year Certificate Program! Comprised of five core plus four elective courses, this Program provides systematic biblical training for church leaders to correctly handle the Word of Truth, and in turn as unashamed workers, to teach others (2 Tim. 2:5). Training took place at over ten different sites.

So, what kind of success has been achieved at the one-year mark? Risky as it was to obtain during such “stormy weather,” the data revealed encouraging results in terms of attendance records, assignment and examination scores, as well as internship performances.

Even more telling, however, are the stories behind the statistics. Across four training sessions last year at “Winter Peach,” for example, attendance averaged 80%. Why wasn’t participation at 100%? Were pastors feeling discouraged or disinterested? The answer is a resounding “no!” As much as they were determined to join each class, some on occasion were deterred by “watchful weathermen.” Nonetheless, pastors managed to catch up with all the learning, because fellow-trainees were able to pass on to them what they had missed. What a perfect chance for peers to practice their transference skills! Similar experiences were reported from other training sites. Such enthusiasm paints a promising picture for the next two years as local leaders work towards full qualification.

Our labor in the Lord would not be possible without your prayers and support. We covet your partnership!

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