Still but not Idle

Apr 04 2020

Still but not Idle

Like you, we have been learning what it means, quite literally, to “be still and know that I am God” during this pandemic. All national trainings have been suspended since January. During this difficult time, we have received encouraging notes from some of our three-year certificate students who completed their first three courses last year. Their reflections on that experience serve as reminders to us that the pandemic has only increased the vast demand for biblical training in the region. Below are excerpts from two of those notes:

“After these three courses…I realized that it is urgent and necessary for us to know how to divide the truth correctly. The church needs pure teaching, and that depends on us interpreting the Bible correctly. The church has a stronger need for pastors who are faithful to the Word of God. May God use the pastors and this material to inject new power in the church.”

“The arrangement of the content of the three courses…has opened a new way of learning the Bible. It is very different from the old-fashioned method. This new approach not only helps us easily grasp the key points of a passage, but also helps us effectively tackle difficult passages… I look forward to when the Lord will provide the next course.”

Even as trainings are on pause in the big country, God has opened doors for training locally. Beginning later this month, we plan to teach Chinese Church History in a local church. The virus has forced us to get creative about how to make that happen. Because of social distancing requirements still in place, we are awaiting the decision about whether we can meet face to face. In the meantime, we are in the process of putting together videos that students can watch from home. As potentially our first online training, this is a learning opportunity for us that may create new opportunities in the future. While we are being still before the Lord, we are not being idle, and we are anticipating how God is shaping the future of our work.

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