NT100 Revamp

Aug 08 2020

NT100 Revamp

The idea was first floated more than a year ago. The closer we looked at it, the more problems we noticed. Following a teaching experiment reflecting changes in our newer courses, the enthusiastic responses of our students convinced us it was past time to refresh one of our most popular foundational courses, NT Survey, 100 Steps (NT100). Though it has served us well for over 20 years, it is clearly outdated and not meeting the expectations and higher education levels of both pastors and believers in East Asia. Unlike all our recent courses, it has glaring omissions.

To address these gaps, we are revising NT100 with a new teaching methodology, first implemented in 2017, that has strengthened pastors’ understanding of SALT courses and their ability to teach confidently using SALT’s four core elements:

  • the strongest biblical support
  • the clearest explanation
  • the most appropriate illustration
  • the most relevant application

This new methodology also helps meet another growing demand: to our surprise, restrictions on religious activities have resulted in a surge of smaller sized groups.  There is a pressing need to equip increasing numbers of Bible teachers to teach the Word, bear the cross, and stay the course.

What are we changing?

  • Bible-verse selection is improved to give the strongest biblical support for the content. Explanations will then be more focused and relevant.
  • Explanations are added and expanded to help students make good sense of the content as well as the development of NT events. 
  • Content is written for many steps that were absent in the original version.
  • More illustrations are added to encourage students to bear the cross and rely on the Holy Spirit despite an increase in worldly knowledge and income.
  • Pertinent applications are added to address present concerns and challenges, such as the sovereignty of God and our ruthless trust in His love and providence when control of church activities is being tightened.
  • Classroom activities are included to engage the participation of students and enhance the learning and memorization process.
  • Connections between steps are strengthened so that steps are not only linked in chronological order but grouped by application themes as well.

This substantive revision will be a team project involving our experienced editors and trainers with the goal of being completed by mid 2021.

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