Dec 04 2020

The Lord has led me on the Journey

It’s claimed by some that evangelism in East Asia is headed for a cold winter, but how true is this? No-one knows for sure, but after hearing the heartening and humbling feedback from our lead-trainers in the field, we beg to differ!

When asked if they would continue serving with SALT in the face of ever-challenging conditions including tight controls and diminished resources, our teachers responded with a resounding, “Yes!”

Philip, a seasoned SALT trainer for over 20 years, declared: “There is no doubt I will continue to serve. Circumstances may worsen, the risks may increase, but as long as I am breathing, I will stick to my post, because this is the mission I asked for and received from God. I am willing to walk onward without regret, to be a worker who is not ashamed. My hope is to teach God’s truth to more people.”

Samuel, a younger teacher and father of two children, joined the team over 10 years ago. He has a fiery passion to share the gospel: “The Macedonian Call still echoes from many places! The harsher the environment, the more believers need to disperse; the more dispersed they are, the more teachers they need. Therefore, the need for training will only become more and more urgent in the future. If we stop because of hardships and opposition, we would owe a great debt both to God and to man!”

Taking things up a notch, John affirms his aspirations for the ministry: “All of us co-workers must strengthen our will to undergo suffering. However great the future difficulties, we must face them together with one heart, and devote ourselves with determination. I hereby declare my desire and commitment to continue serving with SALT. May I stay loyal to my calling, regardless of gains or losses, and serve faithfully to the end!”

This year, we indeed experienced great adversity. Training had to be suspended, and plans put on hold. Our trainers needed to be much more vigilant about travel plans and communication. However, we remained steadfast and thankful because everyone on the team, filled with energy and hope, pressed onward with confidence and courage. This is only possible because “…the LORD has led [us] on the journey…” (from Genesis 24:27, NIV).

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