Feb 02 2021

In Our Eyes

“Throughout the twists and turns of the recently completed Three-Year Certificate Program, God opened my eyes and bolstered my confidence. Witnessing the first graduation ceremony at the WP training site, and seeing the joy of more than 20 graduates, brought such excitement and gratitude to my heart that words cannot express. Overcome by emotion, I could barely see through my tears. There is still a long way for us to go, so I keep urging myself: in the future, I must prepare each lesson even better, so that the students can get the best training possible. Glory to the Father! Amen!”

These are the words of SALT’s head-trainer Joseph, who’s in charge of the Three-Year Certificate Program, which launched in 2018. Joseph worked tirelessly to ensure the program stayed on track. His testimony gives us a glimpse into God’s goodness as well as the gutsiness of our trainers.

“From the beginning up until graduation day, the program was filled with ups and downs. We truly experienced and enjoyed God’s leading. I visited WP, our first training site for this program, 12 times in three years. While it’s easy to only mention the milestones of exploration, negotiation and final decision (to implement the program), each stage was fraught with difficulties. WP had been a training site for us years ago, however, their traditional training system and teaching style did not match our new requirements. Establishing a 100% SALT teaching model that emphasizes knowledge, internships and transference, was like climbing a mountain. Had it not been for the Lord opening the way for us, the program most likely would have failed.

Finally, our Three-Year Certificate Program got off the ground, but then came the challenge of “bad weather.” In fact, we had to change the training venue last-minute more than once due to a sudden deterioration in “weather conditions.” In some extreme cases, we had to transform an underground room belonging to a brother or sister into a make-shift classroom. Thank God that despite the dangers, His grace proved so abundant that all training could be safely concluded.

Then came COVID-19, yet another testing of our trust and faith. WP was the first site to resume classes at the end of May last year. At that time, the situation had not yet stabilized. Transportation services had not fully recovered. During that high-risk period, however, students and host families showed great confidence. Teachers braved the dangers on the road. Such courage points to their resolute trust in and obedience to God. In the eyes of the world, their actions may not have been worth a second glance, but in our eyes, they were deeply inspiring.”

And might we add to that: in God’s sight, they bring delight!

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