Keeping Pace with the Times

Mar 04 2021

Keeping Pace with the Times

How can SALT stay fresh and relevant at this 25-year milestone? Pray with us as we revamp a number of courses in response to the changing needs of believers in East Asia.

In mid-December last year, many students asked us for training to improve their preaching skills. This got us thinking about revising SALT’s decades-old course, Homiletics. Some 30 plus years ago, preachers would have only had a primary or middle school education. They had minimal Bible knowledge, with no training in preaching skills or Bible study skills for sermon preparation. In response to those needs back then, we created two courses, Bible Study Manual and Homiletics.

Today, the educational level of congregants and preachers alike has risen, as well as their expectations of preaching quality. In view of this trend, we spent three years developing two Bible Study Skills courses. But now the old Homiletics course needs to catch up. To ensure we are keeping pace with today’s preachers, we have invited our national trainers to partner with us to create a new Homiletics course. Please remember this project in prayer.

We are also excited to share developments in our Old Testament Survey courses. They were originally compiled in haste to meet urgent demands at the time. They ended up being relatively basic, dry, and lacking in application points.

Prompted by a training site that recently expressed an eagerness to learn the entire Old Testament, we have now completed the revision of Old Testament Survey 3 (Pentateuch). In years to come, we hope to revise the remaining courses OT4, OT5 and OT6. Many of the prophetic books are long and complex in content. Still, we want to teach all the profound points of each book, in straight-forward language with appropriate illustrations, so that students can understand and apply the core message in their lives. This is a challenging task!

Yet our aim remains clear and simple, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who is not ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15 NIV)

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