Apr 08 2021

A SALTY Multi-Course Feast

Hungering for more training after completing the Three-Year Certificate Program at the “WP” site, our first cohort of graduates embarked on SALT’s newly launched Two-Year Diploma Program last month. We bring you feedback from one enthusiastic student Sister Lam at the conclusion of the first course, Bible Study Skills 1 (BSS1):

“For any church teacher or preacher, BSS1 is not only an important but a fundamental subject.  For if you lack knowledge of the truth, how can you teach it to others? If there is insufficient “nourishment,” how can the flock grow to be healthy? Thank God for preparing this bountiful feast for me to savor, digest and absorb so that I can serve His followers.

Bible Study consists of two basic parts: discovering the author’s original intent, and then applying the truths.  The former has been a bit difficult for me because I am not familiar with the cultural and historical background of biblical times. In this regard, I will need to work harder and read more reference books in the future. As for application points, although I had included them in past sermons, I realize now they were neither clear nor comprehensive enough. Thank God that the BSS1 course provided me with effective skills to draw relevant and useful applications, going forward.

Studying BSS1 not only benefited my ministry, but has also inspired me personally. Who am I to be feeding God’s sheep – yet He lets me serve as a channel of His Word, having prepared for me such a rich feast. What’s more, I am grateful that the training took place near my home. As I was busy helping my elder son with his college choices, as well as registering my younger son for middle school, I wouldn’t have been able to attend class had the venue been located far away. But as always, God opened up the way for me to join the course! I cherish every hard-won learning opportunity, and rest assured, I will redouble my efforts to equip myself to serve the Lord!”

Thank you for your partnership in supporting those like Sister Lam as they feed their flocks!

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