May 03 2021

Home Improvement

What joy to share with you stories of transformation from the church in East Asia, thanks to your steadfast support for SALT! Usually, we report on progress achieved within the area of ministry, e.g., how pastors have gained greater confidence and competence in their leadership and preaching skills, or how they have excelled in handling matters of doctrine or discipleship.

This time, we bring you Sister Lee’s testimony from “DH,” our training site that was hardest hit by COVID where courses only resumed in October. The last course we were able to deliver there before the pandemic struck was Christian Home (CH).  As you read on, discover how SALT trainers helped God’s Word to “hit home.”

“While studying CH, I could sense the SALT trainers were teaching from their hearts, genuinely sharing from their personal and family experiences. Anointed and guided by the Holy Spirit, they live out the teachings of the Bible before instructing others how to live. Because of their witness, I resolved to study hard and follow their godly examples by applying the truths in my own home, so that all of my family can serve God. It is my hope that all the families at my church would have the same conviction.
Soon after I completed the course, the pandemic spread far and wide. But it was such a life-changing course that I was determined to transfer all that I had learned to my brothers and sisters at church. So I taught online!  I prepared my PowerPoints ahead of time and sent them to my students who in turn shared their comments and experiences. After taking CH, a few sisters successfully put into practice principles they learned about how to maintain peace and harmony in their households. I also passed along the teaching in weekly lessons to my own family members, including my in-laws, and my son and daughter-in-law. We all learned together, thanks be to God! 
I also appreciated other courses such as 1 Corinthians and Practical Church Management. The summaries were clearly presented, and we could all grasp and memorize the content step-by-step. As we apply these truths in our lives, our church continues to experience tremendous benefits.”

Thank you for your partnership in making possible “home improvements” that equip the church in East Asia to build and pass on a legacy of biblical living, whether in ministry or in the family.

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