Jun 06 2021

A Race Against Time

“We want more Bible Book teaching!” That was the feedback our national trainers received a few years ago from believers across East Asia, hungering for more knowledge and training especially on the books of the Bible. At that time, out of a total of 30 courses, SALT had written only one based entirely on a book of the Bible, namely 1 Corinthians.

“We need new and improved material!” That was the feedback our trainers gave us about the outdated content of our courses in light of the rise in educational levels of believers during the past two decades.

Taking these demands to heart, the Curriculum Team implemented a tandem strategy: firstly, to prioritize books of the Bible in their course writing; secondly, to speed up the updating of SALT’s signature courses.

It was in this context that we began to develop the Book of James course. In spite of the pandemic as well as personal health challenges for our editor, by God’s grace after two years of hard work, the compilation is now near completion and ready to be launched mid-2021. It’s our hope that this course will help churches in East Asia to stand strong in a crooked generation and suffering world.

We also picked up the pace in revamping our traditional courses.  Last year, we finished Church Foundation 1 & 2 as well as Bible Study Skills 1 & 2.  This year, revised versions of NT Survey, 100 Steps and OT Survey, 100 Steps will also be on the shelves. Our staff is currently working on refreshing Homiletics which will be a core subject for future diploma students.

But it’s a race against time – the environment is changing so quickly that there’s no guarantee our teaching materials can be safely used by East Asian churches in the coming years. Establishing an independent curriculum team within the region is one option to ensure supply of Bible courses despite the worsening weather.  Indeed, we are running in this direction – pray for God to go before us as our Guide and behind us as our Rear Guard!

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