Jul 06 2021

A Drop in the Bucket

What happens when a church of 200 believers, thirsty for systematic Bible training, has to split into four groups? Demand for training sharply shoots up three-fold. This is what has been occurring across East Asia as a result of COVID social-distancing controls.

Though the pandemic itself poses little threat now, prevention protocols have restricted group gatherings to 50 people at most, with no sign of being relaxed. And so, more and more churches are requesting our help. The problem: With our limited resources, how can SALT best meet this challenge?

With our current manpower shortage, we struggle to satisfy this sudden surge in demand. So far this year, we have conducted 17 training courses at various sites, aiming for a total of 40 for 2021. When compared with the increase in needs, however, this is only a drop in the bucket.

We desperately covet your prayers. Pray that the SALT team can continue to serve without interference, and that God’s supernatural supply would enable us to provide more training in the region.

Earlier this year, we shared with you our joy of graduating 20 students from the “WP” training site from our Three-Year Certificate Program. We celebrate another recent graduation of Certificate trainees from our “BN” site, with more expected to qualify during the second half of 2021.

This month, we are especially excited to graduate 34 missionaries who upon returning to their churches will teach SALT courses to former Muslims. These front-line heroes work under a harsh environment, often risking persecution. Pray for God’s protection as well as for impactful training.

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