Sep 08 2021

Back To The Bible A Little More!

The SALT story is not complete without the staunch support of our partners. These churches are fully committed to equipping their leaders through both deepening their Biblical knowledge and experiencing the truth. Our goal is to help the East Asian church train up solid Bible teachers and preachers for believers and non-believers alike.

XM is one such partner, with whom we started our Three-Year Certificate Program two years ago. So far, six courses have been taught. Students have three more courses to take before graduation next year.

Like other partners, XM normally caps enrollment for their certificate classes. Because prior training courses had been suspended due to various reasons in recent years, there is a huge backlog in demand. As a result, admission for the Certificate Program exceeded the maximum quota by three times!

Besides the backlog, Pastor Zhang, in charge of the XM site, highlights another reason for the overwhelming popularity of the certificate course: “The overall learning is effective because the content of each course is easy to retain and master. It is also easy to understand and transfer.” In fact, despite the ongoing pandemic, students’ enthusiasm has not diminished. On the contrary, they have studied harder during this difficult period.

XM is comprised of ten pastoral areas, each with 15 to 20 churches, totaling almost 200 churches ministering to thousands of believers. Pastor Zhang envisions program participants will rise up in the future to become teachers at these churches. To achieve this, he hopes that through their SALT training, “students can go back to the Bible a little more, walk a little more closely to the Word in daily life, and apply what they have learned in order to teach other believers and leaders.”

Pastor Zhang’s hope is our mission. May the Lord lead the way!

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