Dec 03 2021

From “You Preach I Write” to “You Preach You Write”

What pride and joy parents feel when they see their children maturing towards independence. At SALT, we are filled with pride and joy over our team of national trainers who have shown their readiness for the next level of growth and challenge!

For the past decade plus, we have developed a method for writing new courses that we call You Preach I Write (YPIW).  Courses such as Practical Church Management, 1 Corinthians, Church History Parts 1 & 2, and most recently, the Book of James, are all products of YPIW.  You refers to our national trainers, while Preach refers to the course content. Representing I, our curriculum staff then writes (transcribes), edits and reviews the written material in consultation with trainers to ensure that the preaching content is well represented, in line with Scripture, and in tune with the local culture and needs.

However, our ultimate goal in producing tailor-made Bible courses is not YPIW. It’s You Preach You Write (YPYW) where trainers are charged with writing the course from start to finish. That means they not only need to prepare the content, they are also expected to write, edit and review the course. The role of the curriculum team is reduced to advisory.

To achieve YPYW, more will be demanded of trainers in every respect. It is a tall order, requiring the accumulated years of experience and confidence of the whole team. We have purposely placed more and more responsibility onto their shoulders, so as to equip them as soon as possible to become a quality team of indigenous Bible course-writers.

Hesitant and reluctant at first, our trainers have now found their stride. Some years ago, with our support, they had already taken a big step forward by enrolling in advanced theology courses with an overseas seminary. This helped them consolidate their theological foundation and broaden their horizons. Their confidence gradually grew. Today, they are filled with faith that they can master YPYW, or at least try their best! Witnessing their day-by-day improvement, we are awestruck and give glory to God!

A few months back, our national trainers began working on the Book of Nehemiah, which they aim to complete in two to three years’ time. This will serve as a test to prove themselves capable without our help. May the Lord grant them wisdom and ability as they use the YPYW method to create this new and timely course!

As we enter into this Christmas season, let us give thanks for the gift of God’s Son, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

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