Jan 03 2022

Partners in Christ: The Urban Team

How time flies – 2022 is already upon us. Despite living under the shadow of COVID these past two years, we thank the LORD that SALT continued to flourish under His guiding, guarding light. We also thank you all for your prayers and support during such a tumultuous time. We pray His grace and blessings will be with you in the New Year and always.

PTL that the Urban Team, our ministry partner in East Asia, was able to circumvent travel restrictions by pivoting online. In spite of unstable, overcast weather conditions, enrollment for SALT courses far exceeded expectations. The idea for internet instruction actually came at the end of 2020 when pandemic prevention measures made it difficult to mobilize personnel or resources. Though the Team had planned to also recruit students from neighboring regions, physical attendance was near impossible. This inspired head-trainer, KW, to teach over cyberspace.

Yet conditions in East Asia are not generally conducive to online learning. For starters, not many students can afford a computer. Most concerning is network government oversight. However, by God’s grace, our first online training was successfully launched in the third quarter of 2021. More than 50 believers from the city outskirts enrolled in New Life, with nearly 60% of them achieving remarkable results.  A month later, our second online course, New Living, was attended by more than 50 students, again with almost 60% obtaining credit or above in their final examination.

What’s more, the Team was able to conduct a New Life in-person training session for a Brethren group in March 2021. But due to bad weather, further training is on hold. With conditions recently improving, we hope to restart after the Chinese New Year.

Facing an increasingly challenging environment, KW has decided it is best for the Urban Team to become independent. The goal is to ensure that even with deteriorating weather, the Team can still effectively operate to support churches in East Asia to train up solid Bible teachers. Please keep KW and the Urban Team in your prayers.

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