Feb 08 2022

Pressing on Toward the Goal

Having just celebrated the Spring Festival here in East Asia, we take this chance to wish you all God’s grace and good health for the lunar new year.

There is an old Chinese saying that counsels, “Plan the year in the spring.” Indeed, we are now setting goals for this year’s work, but with the lingering pandemic and unsettling weather forecast, our plans remain only visions. There is no guarantee of any human achievement.

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.
Psalm 127:1 NIV

In some ways, nothing is new. We encountered similar challenges in 2021 resulting in suspending training during March and August. But thank God, the interruptions did not last for long. By year’s end, we completed 40 training events, most for our 3-Year Certificate Program, surprisingly reaching the year-long goal of holding 40 training events.

Other accomplishments include breakthroughs in our 3-Year Certificate Program. Not only did we graduate more than 100 trainees, but churches in the vicinity of our training sites have begun to systematically transfer SALT courses. This marks a significant milestone in our 25-year history!

So what lies ahead in 2022? The year has already started with a set-back. COVID factors caused the delay of our year-end plans, and have spilled over into this year so that we cannot resume any continued training before March. We covet your prayers for God’s guidance and help, in particular for the following projects:

  • On-going 3-Year Certificate Training: These events are held at more than 10 locations in East Asia. Pray for resumption of SALT training and that graduates will teach God’s Word with impact.
  • 2-Year Diploma Program: Last year, we piloted this Program at the WP training site. Lord-willing, 20 students will graduate this year. Feedback from students and churches so far has been positive, meaning there is a high chance that upon evaluation of the Program, we will offer it at other locations.
  • Homiletics: We hope to complete the revision of this course in 2022.
  • Book of Nehemiah: Through this course, we endeavor to strengthen the confidence of our national co-workers to build a high-quality indigenous curriculum-writing team. No matter the future weather conditions, they will be equipped to publish their own courses as needed to support and develop churches and church leaders.

May we keep “pressing on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called [us] heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (from Phil. 3:14, NIV)

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