Mar 06 2022

Wonders That Cannot Be Fathomed

If you were to pick a place to train up the next generation of Bible teachers, where would you look? Perhaps you’d consider a sizeable city, one with well-established churches and long-time believers with basic Bible knowledge. Likely, you would also prefer safe surroundings. This might have been our human choice, too, but not so with God’s plan in the case of ND.

Located in the remote northwest region of East Asia, ND is populated by Muslims. Churches there are new, and Bible training rare, not to mention systematic leadership training. Plus, climate conditions in the general area are harsh.

Yet in 2020, our 3-Year Certificate Program was launched in ND. Naturally, we anticipated hurdles and hardships. This was also due to the varied cultural backgrounds and levels of education among our students, many who lacked formal academic training of any sort. Homework and examinations were novel experiences for them. Transference was a foreign concept. All these factors made SALT training seem like an impossible task at the start.

But when SALT trainers arrived on the scene, they couldn’t help but give thanks for the positive attitude students displayed. Since believers in ND seldom get any chance to receive Bible training, they highly cherish this opportunity. Most live far away from the training site, and wake before dawn to take a minimum two-hour bus ride to make it on time for the first morning class. After three days of intensive training, they rush off in order to reach home before it gets too late. Had they had any less determination, it would be almost unthinkable that they could complete the 3-Year Certificate Program.

What’s more amazing is that such dedication is being demonstrated by former Muslims who not only consistently attend class, but actively engage in their learning. Initially, however, students would approach class as if to simply listen to a sermon. But after our teachers explained to them SALT’s core goal of transference, students eagerly embraced it, and began to teach course material on their own following the third course. PTL they have taken this big step towards becoming “reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

Our training with ND is an unforgettable adventure. We have witnessed a cohort of students, who hadn’t received much formal education all their lives, show strong enthusiasm to grow and study hard to equip themselves in handling God’s Word. Their transformation from ignorance to excellence in transference surely is the work of God proving that “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted” (Job 5:9, NIV).

Though ND may be lacking in resources by worldly measure, the faithfulness and fruitfulness of our students by far make up for any deficiency. And while we may continue to encounter risks and rough times ahead, we are committed to carrying out God’s “mission impossible” where He has called us. We covet your prayers for our trainers, students and churches.

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