Apr 04 2022

Hot Off the Press – First “Report Card” for Book of James

At SALT, you probably know that students aren’t the only ones to receive report cards!  Our courses are regularly evaluated to ensure that we are on track, not just in terms of building up Bible knowledge but also providing practical help for believers in East Asia.

 We are thrilled to bring you the very first feedback from students after last month’s launch of our new course Book of James, which was finally completed at the end of 2021 after three years of hard work.

 After the training, Brother Cheng commented:

“This course is clear, concise, and easy to learn. The two teachers also gave very clear explanations, inclusive of illustrations that were very relevant to daily life which students could easily resonate with. Teachers answered our questions with care. As such, we gained a lot from the training.”

But it’s not good enough for a SALT course to be concise and easy to understand. We believe what is more important is that the content is solid, and that the students gain something long-term after studying the course. Another student, Brother Sung, reflected as follows:

“This course gave me many new insights. The most impactful one was the lesson When Temptation Comes to Ring the Doorbell. Before, I didn’t know how to distinguish between trials and temptations. Now, I understand that trials make me more mature, perfect, and lacking in nothing, whereas temptation gives my desires an opportunity to conceive, which leads to sin and terrible consequences.

God allowed me to face temptations to teach me to trust and obey Him. I used to be in such situations all the time: every day, every moment, every thought, word and deed, I was sinning against God, yet had no idea at all. When I was enjoying the pleasures of sin, seeking satisfaction from certain places, people and things, I kept chasing but never felt fulfilled. It was like drinking salt water – the more I drank, the thirstier I became. I forgot that God is the One who can satisfy. Only His love can fill the emptiness in my heart.”

Brother Sung summed up the training:

“I know very well that I am now a new creation, born again in Christ, born by the Word of Truth, and that I can overcome temptation by relying on Jesus.”

We are profoundly inspired by these powerful testimonies. Pray for God’s help to make the Book of James widely used throughout East Asia to grow the church and transform lives!

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