May 06 2022

More & More Suited for His Use

Where has the time gone? Three years have zipped by in a flash. Thank God for His care and protection that enabled me to finish the 3-Year Certificate Course! I was so blessed by my experience – all praise and glory to God!

Reluctant to sign up at first, and being worried about my time and energy limitations, I nonetheless pressed on with the encouragement of my fellow co-workers. No matter what, I could not pass up this opportunity to pursue God’s truth. Everything happens by the grace of God, and thus my journey of study began.

Three years on, and over ten courses later, I have been tremendously transformed! Though I had believed in the Lord for a long time, my life was stagnant. I had no desire to grow. Yet with each course, my mind opened up to new learning, whether about Biblical overviews or doctrines, defenses against heresy, church management, or attributes of a godly servant. As a result, I came to realize my own shortcomings and areas where I needed to repent.

I am no longer the person I used to be. I finally faced my problems. I allowed God’s Word to transform me. I began to pursue personal and spiritual growth. I am now willing to pay the price to follow the Lord, to walk the path of the cross, to abandon sin for holiness. By God’s grace, through the teaching of Biblical truths, and with the illumination of the Holy Spirit, I feel empowered to live a godly life, letting go of selfish desires, as a testimony to Him.

Likewise, my ministry has been revolutionized. In the past, I always thought that as long as I was willing to serve, that was enough. It dawned on me that I need to be equipped with accurate Bible knowledge and truth. Only in this way can I serve God according to His will so that His flock can truly benefit. Both my understanding of and approach to ministry have changed. I believe that God’s Word enables me to serve in His way. I am wholly prepared to submit to His sovereignty and obey His precepts. I pray that God continues to transform and renew my life, to make me more and more suited for His use.

(PTL for this testimony shared by a graduate of SALT’s 3-Year Certificate Program from the KFC site. He is now currently enrolled in SALT’s follow-up Diploma Program.)

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